Staircase Design Budjet Fabricated Metel Stainless Steel Staircase Design wooden Staircase

With the arrival of modern-day, sleek and vertical structure in towns, the railing system is the maximum vital element as a part of the structural design. Not handiest do the railings have to be aesthetically alluring but also supply protection by way of gratifying structural necessities.


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Traditionally aluminum, solid iron, and carbon steel handrails had been used which would become worse fast in presence of harsh weather conditions like pollution or heavy public use. Hence it’s miles crucial to pick out the right stainless steel grade to apply within the railing. But earlier than that ask those questions:

Is the railing required to be mounted externally or internally?

If outside, what is the weather condition?

Will it be uncovered to numerous public site visitors?

Stainless steel handrails are a very popular preference, thanks in large part to the benefits they offer. At Suncity Sheet Pvt Ltd. We manufacture chrome steel which may be used for making chrome steel railings. Clean fabrication, versatility, and customizable design make it popular. The benefits of using a chrome steel railing are:

High durability

Easy Maintenance


Aesthetic enchantment

Design Diversity

There are many variations between the various varieties of steel and deciding on the perfect kind of steel for railings is essential. There are two varieties of chrome steel which dominate in the layout and manufacturing of railing structures.

1) 304 Grade Stainless Steel
Stainless metal is a whole lot easier to hold and doesn’t require a shielding coating but is more pricey than carbon steel. Grade 304 stainless-steel contains 18 % chromium and 8% nickel which makes it corrosion proof against rust. Many different alloys may be present as properly, every producing a specific grade of stainless-steel created for unique purposes. No shielding coating is essential for steel of this grade.

Grade 304 stainless steel can be applied in indoor as well as outdoor programs plays in which conditions are not overly harsh or severe, or where the railing system is protected from the environment. Maintaining a grade 304 chrome steel railing device is less difficult than carbon metal systems. While grade 304 stainless costs more than carbon metal, it requires far less protection and protection.

2) 201 Grade Stainless Steel
Stainless steel grade 201 is an alloy that in part carries the nickel and multiplied portions of manganese and nitrogen. It is most inexpensive sorts of stainless steel compared to different grades due to the low nickel content material. Grade 201 is an austenitic metallic due to the fact it’s far a non-magnetic stainless steel that carries excessive ranges of chromium and nickel and coffee levels of carbon.

Grade 201 stainless-steel has a variety of useful characteristics and is right for structures which are at risk of corrosive forces such as salt water. Grade 201 can replacement grade 301 in many programs, however is much less corrosion resistant than its counterpart, mainly in chemical environments. Due to high nitrogen content in grade 201, it affords better yield strength and sturdiness than kind 301 metal, in particular at low temperatures and therefore is right in railings wherein there are maximum put on and tear.

Grade 201 can be used to provide a range of household appliances like stainless wash basin, cooking utensils, washing machines, curtain railings, staircases, and so forth. It isn’t advocated for structural outside packages because of its susceptibility to pitting and corrosion in case there may be less scope of maintenance.