Latest Model PVC Bathroom Door Design

1. Traditional Light Oak
The very first alternative presented by PVC is the mild oakwood layout. It is a whole wood look that is mild in shade starting from cream coloration to mild brown. Though nothing very innovative about it, it’s far still a totally safe preference to move forward.


2. Chocolate Brown Design
Another variation of the traditional timber look is its chocolate brown end. This preference of PVC toilet door is one of the most famous selections of our Indian houses. Because of its dark coloration, it is straightforward to keep and looks neat maximum instances.

3. Fiber Glass Design
PVC bathroom door designs are incomplete without this alteration. This design is designed in 1/2 a wood look and half of fiberglass look. Fiberglass is typically customized with a few designs, additionally referred to as stained glass. These are quite bendy, may be used as the main entrance door too.

4. Teak Wood Design
Teak wooden designs can be easily recognized with various engraved styles on the door panel. These designs are inspired by using the Victorian technology and add to the rustic feeling of the house. Designs vary from very heavy to fundamental ones. This one stands proud as a classic choice.

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5. White Door PVC Door Design
Any choice with white is timeless – be it dress, bedroom decor, or a rest room door. If you are like us, this one choice must be on pinnacle. The laminated white PVC door looks extremely white, smooth, sublime, and neat. These rest room door PVC designs will work best with darker room decor.

6. PVC Framed Plastic Design
The first-rate opportunity to a complete wood door is PVC framed plastic doors. These designs have one or more panels in rectangular or square shapes. These are very popular options thinking about how chic they appearance. You can choose the frame coloration too, from darkish brown to white, some thing works with the rest of the settings.

7. Decorative Art Design
If glossy finish with little artwork is your style, move ornamental artwork PVC door design. They are typically framed in white and the entire fiberglass is included with some random art. It seems fantastic as a lavatory access because it provides as much as the complete decor very impressively. Tiles based bathroom installation might be a perfect in shape with this door.

8. Polished PVC Design
This set of designs comes towards the more budgeted variety of PVC doors. Metallic designs are broadly utilized in such polished doors. In case if you are seeking to upload a very extraordinary color as a bathroom entry, this one could be an apt choice.